What is Infotainment

Infotainment,  What is it ?

On the same platform , you can agregate varieous type of information, standard informations one would find in TV Broadcasting private and public programs, electonicaly published news, and various data you can gather, such as Air quality, CO, Hydrogene , methane gaz concentrations, Temperatures, Solar radiations , etc . . .

IPMS from its powerfull TV and Digital signage distrigution solution provides now a new branch to it’s solution.

We have been working since a few years on the developement of controlers and sensors, that we now agregate to our management system.

Since 2011 IPMS has provided IPTV solutions, that now support various types of display, such as seperate STB , hotel TV and monitors from the major manufacturers.

All devices supporting a web browser can be used to provide display. Therefore tablets, mobile, and  any windows, linux, andoid, IOS  based players of any size can be connected to our display engine.

  • IP and Coax TV
  • Private, private TV Channels.
  • News streams (politics, sport, culture, etc)
  • Real time sport scores , environement conditions, etc…

IPMS support various streaming head ends, but also has its own implementations

  • FileCast : Generate local multicast private video channels
  • WebCast : Streams web baed sources to your local network.
  • StreamCast : cross stream tools
  • DvbtCast : Terrestrial digital TV

We have interfaced controlers such as the  WES to modulate and automaticaly control our TV system.

  • Used to fire emergency messages from sensors or security systems.
  • Display environement values in real time on our display screens.

Actionners & Street light 

  • Actionners are devices that can control equipements such as engines, lights, electrovalves, etc …

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