Internal canal – How ?

An inernal channel : fileCast

IPMS Infotertainement System allow you to stream you own TV channels.

99% of our clients use fileCast to enrich their TV offering by adding internal pricvate TV channels to their site.

Some real usages :

  • Inside the sport arena, food and brevage quisks are agremented by custom video feeds. Private rented loges are also provided with bespoke TV contends.
  • In prisons , the french justice minister provides internal education chennels within the premises. 
  • Internal realisations are broadcasted inside l’INSEP and  Direction de la Gendarmerie Française.
  • Proper programs and entertainement are provided in retirement houses.
  • Private usage in mansions.
  • Ambiance in shops and health centers in hotels.
  • Shops advertisement in shopping centers
Spa Hotel

The IPMS Infotertainment infrastructure, allow the possibility to add real time contends , informations offering complete new horizons.

  • Waitting rooms. 
  • Reception lounges.
  • Culturel and trade events.
  • Giant screens inside stadiums.
  • Shops, Corporate, Retirement houses, Hospitals, Etc …