Wes Corona – EN

Turn your existing refrigerated storage, to the digital age.

In the context of the CORANAVIRUS vaccination campaign, transform your standard refrigirator in a digital, active, and supervised equipment.

Have access to a complete history of temperature readings & more. 

Define behaviours when you are out of limits (Email, Alerts, etc )

100% French conception and fabrication .

The detections and programming capabilities enables you to survey and be alerted in real time. 

Data storage provide the tools to analyse and diagnose eventual problems.

In case of detection, 

  • The controler dashboard car start blinking.
  • A relay can be turn on to start a security device like an energy générator, 
  • Email can be sent
  • Etc…

Usings it’s counting capabilities why not count the Person In and out of your premises ?

The controler have 2 counters embeded plus wireless counter can be added too .

Therefore, why not counting clients in and out, and display informations using our INFOTAINMENT system.

  • 100% autonomous
  • Up to 30 sensors (temperature  , humidity, Light, relays, Counters )
  • 2 relais ( embeded on controler.
  • 4 dry contact input 
  • 2 analog/digital input
  • 4 Ampere rings input ( Amp, power, AC quality)
  • 2 digital input for official counters  (ENEDIS)
  • RJ45
  • One Wire Bus  ( RJ11 )
  • ModBus –  industrial equipement 
  • MicroSD ( data storage )

Using it’s detection , data storage and action capabilities , enables you to survey your storage temperatures, get in advance warnings, so you can take the appropriate décisions.

You can also extract and provide history of temperature readdings

  • Serveur Web, FTP, servers, and transmissions
  • Programmable
  • Send Email
  • Compatible with centralized servers
  • Remotely controled ( Telnet, UDP )
  • J-Dom, Yadom Domotic boxes
  • IPMS Ninja Infotainment system. 

  • 8 relais One Wire module
  • Temperature, light, humidity One Wire module
  • Remote impulse counters (833MHz) 
  • ModeBus devices
  •  Etc..

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